Active Leap Movement

Movements that matter

Mindshift and action for sustained performance. I help you turn ideas and thinking into real value and results. To stay ahead. In Business and Sport.



Me and my team design, execute and implement solutions that move your business forward. We lead you through the entire customer journey to deliver long-term customer and business value.



I deliver coaching, education and advice to help individuals, teams and organisations develop mental skills that take their performance from good to great. Skills to gain a competitive advantage, now and onwards.

Your Business and Sport Performance Partner

The common denominators are people and performance. In business and sport. I merge my long experience from leading strategic business development with expertise as mental performance coach and advisor in elite sports. To help you reach goals and sustained success.

We start from where you are and use goal-setting to clarify desired direction and enhance motivation. By identifying and creating relevant mindsets and performance structures we implement a system that drive actions and behaviors that moves you forward. Step by step.

I become your partner that supports and challenges you to be your very best when it matters the most, whether it is in a championship, a management board meeting or when developing and implementing a key strategic business solution to improve the customer journey.